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Popular Services

Data Cabling

We can provide broadband sharing in as many rooms as you require. After installation of a central modem and router, imagine surfing the net in one room and playing on line on your PS4 or X-Box One in another room. One broadband connection to your ISP can be fed to different rooms for multiple uses 

TV Wall Mount

We will mount you LED TV professionally installed on a wall. We can supply the mounts to match the weight of the TV. The mounts can be just fix on the same position, Tilt up or down or Arm Extension Tilt, will move from wall and tilt up or down.

Multi Room Audio

Music has been a major part of life in every culture since man first walked the earth. Today is no different except for the fact we want more. Now you can be on the move at home and enjoy your music in any room at any time. Multi room audio allows high quality stereo music to be precisely or widely delivered. Audio throughout your home offers arguably the biggest impact possible as your friends, family, or potential buyers walk through the front door.

Digital Antennas

For our Digital Antenna installations, we use Australian made Digital Antennas. The Digital Antennas are constructed using high quality materials to ensure a long service life and have been built to withstand the rigours of Western Australian weather.
Depending on your location we will supply and install the right antenna for you. All our antennas are fitted with a galvanised mast pole, ensuring minimal corrosion, and are fitted in the optimum position to maximise signal strength, and hence picture quality.

CCTV Installation

Smart Dimension has the Security licences to design you property CCTV requirements using the latest technologies in CCTV system to provide piece of mind to the end user.
Anyone who has experienced a break-in at home understands all too well the feeling of personal invasion.
Taking steps to protect your home is not only smart, but also vital if you wish to give your family the full protection they deserve.

Security Alarms

Smart Dimension has the Security licences to design your property Alarms requirements using the latest technologies in alarms system to provide piece of mind to the end user.
One of the basic desires is to feel safe inside our buildings and to make sure it's secure while we are away.
Modern day security systems are reliable and simple enough to use.
Our clients especially like the ability to integrate security systems with their mobile devices such as iPhone, Tables for added user friendliness..

TV Points

If you would like to enjoy the TV in your bedroom, family room,study or Alfresco then we can install additional points for you to watch TV

NBN Incoming Cable

If you are experiencing low connection speeds or drop out it could be that your incoming line inside your property needs to be replace.
We can replace the incoming line with a new termination port to your modem router to be connected, maximizing the incoming NBN speed in your property.


Intercom Systems provide the convenience and security to home and business allowing you to speak and view visitors before meeting them and having to be seen.
Smart Dimension Video Intercoms are expandable and high in quality.
IP Digital range offer the very latest in design and features. With the ability to have the incoming call direct to your mobile phone
The high quality screens offer a clear image of the visitor standing outside with the assistance of miniature infra-red lighting around the built in camera at the front door.

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Recent Projects

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Wembley Down

Smart Wired with CCTV sytem, Digital Intercom and Wall mount TV"s

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Smart Wired with Security, CCTV sytem, Intercom and access control.

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Renovation with Smart Wiring, CCTV System and NBN relocation